Forcing feature class iterator skip to next fc in workspace after if then else check

01-10-2012 11:32 PM
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I am developing a model which will iterate through feature classes in a current workspace (using feature classes iterator), select features by location in each of these fc's, check if the corresponding 'archive' feature class exists in an archive FileGDB (using in-line substitution from the Name result of the iterator) then move those features to the archive feature classes. If the archive feature class exists, it will continue with the model; if it doesn't exist it will skip the rest of the model and move onto the next feature class in the workspace.

I want the model to skip to the next feature class in the iteration (because the current fc does not have an archive namesake in the archive database).

Thanks for any help


Edit - I have added a 'Make Feature Layer' tool to the 'does not exist' condition to give it something to do.

The model executes correctly when I have archive fc's which exist. When it comes across an fc for which the corresponding archive fc does not exist, it appears to complete the condition check, but it still attempts to go through the model which it shouldn't do. Maybe the condition checks don't work under iterators?
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