Flip Line Python script

06-15-2017 09:58 AM
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I have a shapefile with street centerlines with about 1600 segments that are flipped the wrong way.
I ran the Python code below and it worked but I need a way so that the address attributes do not
get flipped when the line is flipped. In the screen shot below you can see an example. 
I need the centerline for Dee Ave to be flipped so that the red (to) and the green (from) swap 
positions, which this script below did. The problem is that I do not want the address 
attributes (1914,1915,1802,1803) to be flipped since they will then be in the wrong position, 
I would need them to stay the way they are.

from arcpy import envenv.workspace="C:/data/project.gdb"inFeatures="streams"arcpy.FlipLine_edit(inFeatures)

I appreciate anyone's help! Thank you!

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The flip line geoprocessing tool apparently doesn't flip the addresses, just the geometry

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