finding number and percent of people within a specific category by countries

02-08-2016 10:30 AM
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So I am working with some transmission data and I am trying to figure out how to find the amount of people within a certain area of transmission within countries (the data set is worldwide).   For example, I am trying to find out how many people are within areas of continuous year-round transmission and areas of seasonal transmission by country.    I have been able to figure out how to get the percentage of continuous transmission and seasonal transmission by country, but adding in the amount of people within those areas is stumping me.   I am working with raster data for the transmission areas and Landsat raster data for demographics.   If anyone has any any suggestions I would be grateful.   Let me know if I should clarify anything.   I know this is a little vague.


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Can't you multiply population by proportion of continuous service to get number of people per pixel with continuous service?

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