File that came with the Shapefile. Not sure what it is for...

04-25-2022 12:26 PM
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Hi, need help with this file that came with the shapefile.  It is from Cloud City Wheelers. They have their interactive map that we received from them. I have the shapefile with me but this file I am not sure... Does anyone in here know what it is for and how to I add it with the shapefile ?

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field names in the dbf of a shapefile get truncated to 10 characters

Geoprocessing considerations for shapefile output—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

that file is just a warning

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I think all its tell you is that when they created the shapefile from whatever source database it was in, it shorted the field "stroke-Width" to "stroke-wid".  It would do this because shapefile attribute names are limited to 10 characters.  So if the person that sent you the file says something like "In the "stroke-width" field...." and you say "I don't have a  "stroke-width" field just a "stroke-wid" field"... that confusion is averted.  I doubt that it is necessary to use that file with the rest of the files that make up the shapefile.  You could probably just not use that file and the shapefile would work fine.  Its just there for information purposes.

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Got it !  Thank you 

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