Feed output back in as input in model builder?

09-13-2012 12:57 AM
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All modelbuilder gurus,

I was trying to develop some logic in model builder, gave up and did it with Python but I was wondering if what I wanted to do was even achievable in modelbuilder? I'm using ArcGIS 10 and no I don't want to use the multiple buffers tool that does not iteratively buffer the last buffer, but you'll understand when you read below.

I start off with a single polygon in a layer, buffer it, then clip it using a coastline polygon layer and the result of the clip then becomes the input for the whole process again and to repeat this X number of times. This gives you the output as shown in the image below (which I achieved using Python to control the flow of logic).

I wanted to initially do it in Modelbuilder so the client could understand.

I had created a model controlled with a FOR iterator ( 1 to 5 in my case)  and the main buffer and clip logic but I could not see how the resulting clip became the new polygon to be buffered?

Is this possible using modelbuilder?

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