Feature plots in the northern hemisphere, should plot in the south...???

04-03-2014 11:44 PM
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Hi....I am in South Africa.....I am trying to get a shapefile to plot in the correct place......need someone out there to shed some light down here at the base of the dark continent.

1)   The .prj file is GCS Hartebeestehoek 94...which is a local geographic system but if I pull the file into the map it gives LO co-ordinates(XY's). It plots on the correct meridian/Longitude but the equal but opposite Latitude..ie in the north.
2)   When I change the projection to Hartebeestehoek LO29...it gives me Lat Long co-ordinates...ie geographic CS also in the north.....ie Latitude is positive.

Can some one please help!!

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Hi Pierre,

ArcGIS doesn't support the southing-westing axes of the Lo system. We added some "pseudo" definitions that work by using a negative scale factor (changing the signs on all coordinates). Are you using one of those?

Could this data already have changed/flipped values? If you are using one of the existing Lo coordinate systems, what happens if you redefine the coordinate system again by modifying the scale factor? Just change its sign.

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