Feature class to Excel?

03-12-2018 05:46 AM
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I'm trying to determine if there is a way to update an Excel spreadsheet using ArcPy. Basically, I have an Excel spreadsheet with block and lot combinations without addresses and a feature class of address points with both addresses and block and lot. I want to update the spreadsheet with the corresponding addresses from the feature class.

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You can use the Table to Excel tool to export to excel, but it produces a new file and won't 'update' a page on an existing file, it will overwrite it, so I wouldn't do that.  But you can copy the results into a new page on your existing file before doing anything that would corrupt the original's formatting etc..

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.... again if the feature class was stored in a PGDB (MS Access )  you can create your excel spreadsheet based upon a view/query that linked the records together and that would be update-able from within excel .... another one of my reason for wanting ESRI to keep the MS Access format! .... we have plenty of excel spreadsheets that update upon opening that are linked to our PGDB's ......

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