Extract multi values to point error

02-04-2014 12:45 PM
New Contributor
At the moment, I have at least 60 .tiff files (climate data) that I need to extract to points in my study area. All data have the same projection. Because the attribute names of the .tiff files are very long (20-30 characters), I created a file geodatabase. The rasters (.tiff) are not in the .gdb. In other words, the points are located inside the geodatabase, the .tiff files are not. When I run the extraction, the process fails. Any idea why?

Note: I ran the Extract Multi Values to Points using just the shapefile (.shp) and the rasters (.tiff), and it did work, but the attribute names from the .tiff files get truncated (10 characters), which is why I'm now trying the .gdb.
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