Extract Data Task as Geoprocessing Service error

11-10-2020 03:07 PM
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I published the extract data task as a geoprocessing service (Extract Data Task (Server)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation ).  This tool is designed to allow users to export shapefiles or fgdbs of data based on a user-defined area of interest.

I encountered what I believe is a bug, however, in that the Layers to Clip Parameter, when switched to "user-defined" in the service definition, causes the tool to crash.  

At first I was using the tool in a javascript app and couldn't figure out what the issue was because I was not receiving an error in the console.  However, when I then created a test app in web appbuilder to use the tool it said that the GPFeatureRecordSetLayer [multi] was not available at this time or something to that affect.

I then published the tool with "hard-coded" layers to clip and a user-defined area of interest parameter and the tool works!.  It's a bit more cumbersome now, but at least it is something.  I can now publish several versions of the tool with constants for the layers-to-clip based on what app I'm using it for.  Not ideal, but a suitable workaround.

Has anyone had luck publishing this tool as a geoprocess??? 

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