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Exposing Various Locator Properties with ArcPy

12-07-2020 08:44 AM
MVP Emeritus

I've been learning about how to expose the various locator properties using arcpy and came upon something I need clarification for.

Two different properties can be returned and they have very similar but different values:

'Subaddress,Point Address,Street Address,Intersection,POI,Parcel'



These properties are for a multi role locator I just created.  Notice how the .categories property returns two words ('Point Address,Street Address') while the .reverseGeocodeFeatureTypes property returns single word strings ('StreetAddress,PointAddress').  Similar, but different.

I suspect there is a reason for this buried deep behind the scenes however, the online help page implies the the .categories properties are one word. Obviously that can be confusing at the pythonista-end user level.

This question may be better suited for an idea, but if the properties themselves can be one word or two words consistently across the board, that would be nice...


That should just about do it....
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