ExportWebMap GP Error - "unable to connect to server" only when domain is used

05-29-2015 08:42 AM
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We have moved are server site to 10.3.1 after a bug was logged at 10.3 which affected our site. exportwebmap GP failed because we were filtering some radii rings with the SHAPE.STLength() field.

BUG-000084700   "Map service query operation fails when StandardizedQueries is enabled and Shape.STLength() is used in a WHERE clause."  This bug is fixed in version 10.3.1.

We have verified that this bug has been fixed and all is good..... EXCEPT

We are now getting a new error when we execute our exportwebmap GP service from our site that Layer "layer1": Unable to connect to map server at......<< Insert service name here>> hap

However, the layer that shows in the log differs from service to service. Sometimes layer 1 sometimes layer 2 etc. To test whether or not an actual layer in the DB was causing this failure, we tried removing layers, adding layers, removing basemaps etc. No dice. Which makes sense as we didn't touch the SQL server when upgrading. The Services and web adaptor seem to be working as the web map application will load the data no errors. All services load and function except for printing.


I looked at our dev site to see if that was showing the same results on exportwebmap GP. Viola! it works. So what is different? Well, this site does not use our domain (for testing purposes) and the GIS server IP is hard coded using the local hosts file.


What I did was the same for our test site. Bypass our domain by changing the binding in IIS so that our domain was no longer in the site url and then changed the local host file to bypass the DNS server. Now I can access the testsite without the domain.com added to the url.


Prints fine. no errors, no nothing. Works as expected, rings are filtered with our SHAPE.STLength() field.

Anyone have any ideas on why our domain is preventing the GP exportwebmap from connecting to our DB? Is there a new permission or bug we are not aware of at 10.3.1 exportwebmap or GP tools in general? Just can't figure out why once we add the domain to this site this tool fails by way of not connecting to the data. 

Is this IIS, ESRI, network permission or what?.....Stumped.

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