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06-16-2015 09:09 AM
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I try to export multiple layers (referencing to same FC in same SDE) to CAD. It works well for most layers, except one that I won't get written to the dwg. This layer also fails when Itry exporting it as a single layer. The messages in the tool results saying that this layer has been processed, but it doesn't get written to the dwg.

But, when I export that specific layer to shp first and than export to cad - everthing works fine... Strange...

Does that sounds familiar to someone? Has someone got any suggestions to solve that issue?

Thanks and kind regards


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Can you provide some additional information about the one that won't get written?  What is the datasource?  And the datasource type?  Does it have any content?

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Hi Karen,

I've seen that you tried to get in touch with Felix regarding the missing layers when running the "Export to CAD" tool. I have just installed the new version of ArcGIS (10.3.1) and the same problem has started happening. Normally I would convert a series of Feature and Annotation classes from a Personal Geodatabase into a R2010.dwg CAD file. This is a process that I repeat a lot and it has been just now after installing the new version that I find some layers (always one or two) are missing from the dwg created.

If you could provide any information or assistance regarding this issue that would be great.


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I am having the same issue but with dgn v8. The lines and polygons come across but the annotation does not or if it does its out in space. Any word on the fix for this?

I did manage to get the export to dgn to work using our  Data Interoperability extension, however we cannot have everyone use this extension to do this process!

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