Error with publishing service not starting on ArcGIS Server.

05-30-2022 12:49 PM
New Contributor

I am not sure that this the correct forum but I am having issues with some processing tools on older ArcGIS software.


I am trying to publish a WMS from ArcMAP 10.3 and when I get to the point of publishing the process fails. On reviewing the ArcGIS Manager portal the Publishing service hasn't started. I can't find any reason why the service won't start and there seems to be very little within the forums that I can find to help fix the fault.


Any help pointing me in the right direction would help.


I have tried to uninstall the server and re-install from scratch but the problem persists. I have looked within the Config-Store and the folders seem to be there. I am unsure if it might be a single corrupted file from my install foldder. But I am not 100% what to be looking for at this point.

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