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Error 99999 when trying to execute Erase tool

02-25-2020 03:55 AM
New Contributor

Dear community,

I am using ArcMap for years and haven't ever asked a question on the forum, simple Google quarry was always enough. I have a serious problem, I am getting 99999 error when trying to execute Erase tool (snapshot attached).

I have tried several things: Reduce the size of the dataset, Repair geometry, move the gdb closer to the root, use shorter

path, run as admin, clear temp, copy to a new gdb, turn-off background processing, etc.

Can you give me some advice? 

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MVP Notable Contributor

Whats you data, a screen shot would help! Is it building footprint polygons, locations of unicorns, or a global geology map of the moon?

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It looks to me like your topology is corrupted or there is a permissions problem.  Try re-granting permissions on the data, and maybe delete or recreate your topology.  

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