ERROR 000820: The parameters need repair- Geoprocessing service directory not updated

05-30-2014 07:03 AM
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Hi everyone,

I've been struggling for days about this one.
I've created a model including a python script tool (to create a geostatistical layer).
Everything goes smooth on ArcMap.
I can publish the service one time. Works well when tested.
But trying to update it after a few changes where made (number of parameters, type of parameters (optional to required), etc...), after deleting the existing service and publishing it again, i get the ERROR 000820: The parameters need repair.

I lost a few (numerous actually) days trying to figure out what was wrong about the script, the parameters, the model.
Then, i recently  find out the service directory was just not updated as i was publishing, even if the corresponding service was deleted either in ArcGIS Admin or in ArcMap.

Of course, i can go to the directory and physically delete it any time a delete the service, but i was wondering if there is a way to force ArcGIS Server to delete the service's physical directory when the service is deleted, or to make sure it's correctly updated when the service is published.

Any help is welcome
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Try disabling the background processing. In ArcMap > Geoprocessing >  Geoprocessing Options. Under Background Processing, uncheck the Enable button. Then try running publishing again.

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if we disable the background processing, how we can debut the geoprocessing ?

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