Enable Editor Tracking, Setting UTC Time

06-22-2012 11:24 AM
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Hey everyone,

I am testing the 'Enable Editor Tracking' data management tool. I have run the tool on a point feature class and then I did some editing to see how it works. I've set the date option to UTC. When I created some points, all the time values are off quit a bit. (i.e. I created the points at 1:09pm MT and they are populating 7:09 in the database) I'm assuming the time zone is read from the microsoft windows environment much like date fields do. My computers clock is set to UTM, Mountain Time and the time is correct. I am not sure why the time isn't populating properly. Any suggestions?

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It appears to be working correctly. Mountain Standard Time is UTC-7, ie 7 hours behind UTC. In addition, right now we are observing daylight savings time which means Mountain Time is actually UTC-6, so 1:09 PM Mountain Time is 7:09 UTC.