Editing the output of feature to polygon

07-22-2015 02:36 AM
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Hello guy!

I'm having a trouble in editing the output of feature to polygon tool.Because my input feature was a closed line and most of the line has intersection so the output generated has a lot of new small polygon created during the process.This makes my work more complicated in the next step of joining the the attribute because the data comes with a repetition of information.

My question is there a tool to clean those small polygon generated either by removing or merging them to original ones.Or a different way which i can use to create a polygon from the line feature without having that problem.



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You can use the dissolve tool with no attributes selected to dissolve you polygons based on contiguity. ArcGIS Help 10.1

Another option is using the Minimum Bounding Geometry Tool - Convex Hull.  ArcGIS Help 10.1

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If you have an original set (a set that generally covers the areas) you could use a spatial join then a dissolve

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Thanks Ian Hogan and Wes Cordova

I see spatial join and dissolve tool give me what i want, thanks guys..!

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