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03-30-2021 09:35 AM
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I am using ArcMap 10.6.1. and I am wanting to display a color scheme that readjusts the scheme to the displayed data at a certain extent in a map book. I basically have a large GeoTiff file that spans several pages and I would like the color scheme to re-adjust per page that way I have a continuous color scheme from page to page. Any ideas would be helpful. 

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I'm assuming your tiff is raster data similar to elevation DEM and that you are running data driven pages and that each page has a different scale. 

Depending on the circumstances one approach may be to add the .tiff to the data frame multiple times, 1 each for different page scales then set the symbology that is appropriate for each page.

Then set each of the layer instances to be visible only at the intended scales. 

Thus assuming when you run data driven pages the scale changes for each page and the appropriate tiff is displayed. 

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