Dissolve statistics for each contiguous unit rather than all

01-14-2019 08:01 AM
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I am running ArcMap 10.6.1; I have LiDAR-derived forest inventory in 20x20m cells as a vector layer. I am making selections based on attributes, resulting in groups of contiguous cells that are potentially operable as a unit. There are many such units on the landscape. I want to dissolve them, creating one polygon for each of the contiguous groups, with the mean of of the sawlog volume per hectare (for example) for each distinct area. With this attribute averaged, I can multiply by the area in hectares to get a total for the block.

I'm getting hung up at the statistics step. I've unchecked "create multipart features" so I'm getting the features the way I want them, but the statistics are the same for every row--see attached. I have 18 features; each of these should have a different mean but instead it is the mean of all of them together, repeated 18 times.

I've recorded a video showing my process: Dissolve Statistics Problem - YouTube  

Thank you for any help you can provide

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On the advice of a colleague, I have implemented the following solution involving the use of the "join by spatial location" tool on the individual blocks created by the Dissolve tool:

Calculating forest inventory statistics for potential harvest blocks in ArcMap 10.6.1 - YouTube  

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