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Determining Infill for Development Purposes

12-27-2012 01:37 PM
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ArcSDE 10.0/Oracle Spatial 11g/SDO_GEOMETRY/Arc Desktop 10.1/Windows 7, 64 bit

Hi Everyone!  I'm just looking to get opinions/ideas on an infill development project I'm working right now.

Infill is a term that, GENERALLY speaking, is area within and around already developed areas.  It's become popular because infill areas are areas that could be used for development without having to develop in previously undeveloped areas.  So if there is a vacant lot between 2 developed lots, that vacant lot could be considered infill.  Develop here and there's no need to develop in a new, untouched area.

From what I've found researching this, determining what is infill is fairly straight forward by using developed parcel data.  I am working in an area where there is not normal parcel data.  We do not keep track of individual lots/parcels, for reasons I won't go into (but they are legitimate reasons).

I chose to approach this by using habitat disturbance as the determining factor for developed areas.  For my purposes even an area that has been cleared, but not developed is acceptable for our definition of infill.  Steps are as follows (generalizing the whole process)...

1. Create fishnet of entire area
2. Split the habitat disturbance layer according to the fishnet (so each grid cell in the fishnet would have a corresponding disturbance feature)
3. Applied the acreage of disturbance within a grid cell to its corresponding grid cell
4. Ran a hot spot analysis on the fishnet (remember that each cell has an amount of disturbance as an attribute)

Doing this captured the highly disturbed cells (relative to all other cells) and according to the hot spot algorithm it also captured many cells in close proximity to statistically significant cells.  I also ran a cluster outlier analysis for comparison purposes.

Any ideas on this methodology?

Any ideas on possibly a better way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,
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