Determine relationship between raster values and presence/absence variable

11-25-2021 07:39 AM
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I have a raster surface that shows the relative difficulty of moving across terrain within the raster area. I also have a point feature class. I want to determine if there is a relationship between the values of the raster and the presence/absence of points in the feature class. How should I go about doing this?

I have used the 'extract values to points' tool to identify the raster value at each point location. I am thinking I want to do a logistic generalized linear regression, with the variables being the raster value and the presence/absence data but am not sure how to include the absence data. Any advice?

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Raster to Point (Conversion)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Mask—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

You would have to mask the point locations on the raster that represent your presence data, then convert the remaining raster to points

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