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Determine Population Catchment for a Facility

11-14-2016 11:58 AM
New Contributor II

Currently I have:

A polygon layer with a population attribute

A point file containing facility locations.  

Facility A has a catchment area of x amount of people.  What tools can I utilize that will allow me to create a catchment of those polygons that bring a sum of x?

Is there a tool in Arc for this?  Is there a tool elsewhere?  ie; FME?

Thanks very much,


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New Contributor II

I am thinking it is a matter of selecting the polygon the facility falls on.  Followed by accumulating adjacent polygons sum population until X is met. 

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MVP Emeritus

That would work... an attribute selection, then successive select by spatial location.  The the obvious limitation is that the progression outward would be much like a buffer, which may not represent the actual population pattern about the facility. 

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