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02-11-2013 03:54 AM
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Hey guys,

I am trying to work with data driven pages to produce a map book but i am having some trouble. I basically have the state of florida broken down into 7 different regions and i am trying to create a page for each region. Everytime i enable data driven pages and specify that it create pages based on the Region # it just keeps doing it by counties and it gives me like 67 pages. How do you group features together so if you have 10 counties in Region 1 it will display all 10 counties instead of a seperate page for every county?????
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Not an expert here but in the Data Driven Pages Setup dialog there is an elective for your index. If your index is set for the "by county" layer, it will use that to drive the page parameter. You can create an index based on your region as long as it is included in your map as a shape or least this is what I gather by my understanding of data driven pages. Good luck!
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If your "region" layer is its own feature class, then use it as the index layer when you set up Data Driven Pages. If your regions are an attribute of the counties layer, then you need to create a new feature class based on the region field. One way to do that would be using the Dissolve tool. You would use the output of the Dissolve tool as the index layer for Data Driven Pages.
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