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Custom Raster Type

07-25-2022 08:27 AM
New Contributor III


we have raster product that is composed by an RGB image and NIR image as separate TIFF files with JPEG compression.
Each raster product is then represented by two files like: xxxxxx_rgb.tif and xxxxxx_nir.tif.

We would add this raster product in to a mosaic dataset but we have not found a suitable raster type listed in the Add Raster tool ... or are we wrong ?

Otherwise, we imagine that we can create our own ART file to manage this product but we also imagine that this customization should manage also the appropriate "metadata" file in which there is the reference to the "rgb" and "nir" files.
In this case, we have looked for technical documentation about this specific customization (ART file and metadata file with the reference) ... could help us ?

Many thanks in advance,



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