CSV field name is set to TIME regardless of CSV header

12-21-2016 11:12 AM
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I have a CSV file with time date data in a field. Arc is disregarding the header for the field and setting it to TIME. Is this the expected behavior? I sure did not expect it.... 

I have deleted all but the offending fields out of the attached csv. If one looks at it in Excel or notepad++ the header is PINK_DOG; however, when I look at it in ArcCatalog the field is named TIME. 

ArcCatalog 10.1


I want to import this into a FGDB and then append that into an SDE feature class. I would rather not have to deal with field mapping the time field to the proper SDE filed.

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A big Plus One for testing your own problem... No one can fault you on using a wrong field name   As a finale to the test, I suspect that if you produced a replica field ... as text ... with Blue_Cat as the field name... the latter would pass through unaltered. I suspect, it is treating the field contents as being more important than the field name, in an effort to be helpful.

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Strange! I am getting the Field_Name getting displayed correctly in ArcCatalog 10.3.1 (both CSV as well as GDB table).

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