Creating boundary from parcels

10-22-2014 08:01 AM
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This is my first post here, so I apologize if I should post somewhere else. I think I  have a simple question, but I can't figure it out.


I have a city boundary shapefile that may have been created by freehand, or possibly by older parcel data. The current file does not match up with my current parcel data. If I use the boundary to clip or select the correct parcels I end up with slivers of the bordering parcels, or possibly have some skipped over. I would like to be able to either snap my existing boundary file to the existing parcel lines, or create a new boundary file based on selected parcels. If I create a boundary by parcels, I need to be able to fill in holes due the areas in the city that are not parcels such as right-of-way. Does anyone recommend a workflow?


Thank you.

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A very late answer, I'm afraid. I think the Minimum Bounding Geometry tool might be what you were looking for.

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Hi Tina

As Melita said a little late but;

I have recently been using the Spatial Adjustment tool for shifting data in these sorts of circumstances.  It is a lot like georeferencing, only used on data instead of images.  There is a toolbar under the customise menu, all you need is some control points and it shifts the whole data to fit the new control points.  This is only useful if the boundary itself is shifted but the quality of the boundary drawing is sound.

If that doesn't work out there are still other options so let us know how you go with Melita or my suggestions, or if you have already found another solution let us know how you solved it.

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a minimum bounding geometry will only work if the shapes are convex and not concave...spatial adjustment, although painful, might be the route to go​

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