Create Parallel Lines from Centerline file

10-15-2013 08:23 AM
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I have a Centerline Feature Class.  I want to create two streets offset from the centerline by 15 feet, left and right of the centerline.
I am concerned with the direction of the newly created Streets so it would be great if I could select all the centerlines, create a new line offset 15 to the right control its direction.  Then do the same for the left.

Whats the best way to accomplish this....I then have to worry about dangles and non-connecting lines but sure I can get that with Topology rules....but curious on how to do those edits in a batch setting....
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What if you use the buffer tool with your lines, 15 feet and then turn the Buffer into a line file, via polygon to line?

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Multiple options.

1.  Copy and paste your center line back into the feature you want it in.  then without unselecting it use the move tool to move it the desired distance. This will only work for perfectly horizontal or vertical lines.

2.  Start an edit session.  Select your center line  choose the trace tool.  Click near the beginning of your centerline.  then press "O"  the Oh Key.  This will bring up trace options.  Select your offset.  if you system is in meters convert feet to meters.

then as you trace up the centerline it will draw a new line perfectly offset your selected features.  IF you have a gap it will stop tracing at the gap.  simply click at the beginning of the gap and at the end of the gap and continue tracing.   This will be a lot more accurate then option 1.

3.  Use the buffer idea from the previous poster.  However, if you have gaps this may result in concave areas if the gap is large enough.
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