Create New Feature Class 10.1

10-11-2012 11:08 PM
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I am using ArcView 10.1.

I tried to create a new feature class (point) using the toolbox. Have received the following error repeatedly

Error -8012 Unable to locate the installation folder

I worked around this by creating the feature class in ArcCatalog then adding to ArcMap. However would like to know why I'm having a problem using the toolbox.

Is this yet another 10.1 bug? I currently cannot connect to the license server via VPN nor borrow a license. I have run through every possible work around yet nothing works.

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Hola Kate,

I looked into this error message and most of the items returned were Server related, and I did not read anything from you using Server. If you are simply looking to create a feature class in a database, this should be straight forward for you and would result in a local database. I was wondering if anyone else is seeing this error or are you the only one seeing this error message. If you are the only person seeing this error and not anyone else, this could be profile related and I would have someone else log into your machine with their credentials. If you are current with your maintenance and would like to submit a webform, I would love to work with you directly in order to resolve this issue seen. Gracias, Kate!

Create Feature Class (Data Management)
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Hi Kate,

I am receiving the same error message. Not sure what is going on.. going to call support in a little bit about it.
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