Create LAS dataset not importing all .las files in folder

09-22-2017 04:59 PM
New Contributor II

I have a folder containing 147 .las files. They are tiled .las files of different sizes. When trying to create a las dataset, only one of the .las files imports, and it appears to be a random tile as it is not the first in the list. Every time I try to create a new las dataset, this is the only file that appears. 

I've tried moving just one of the other tiles to a separate folder and creating a dataset from that, however when I do this, the dataset is empty/corrupt(?). It will not import coordinates, elevations, or anything (see screenshots). 

Is this a problem with the way I'm importing this data? Or do the .las files need more front end processing before being imported into Arc. Any insights to this problem would be greatly appreciated! 

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