create buffer

10-08-2014 09:54 AM
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I need to create buffer



In the output buffer in the attribute table has a record for each polygon



but my result is a single record for every polygon





as I can get the result I need "record for each polygon"




then to calculate the area of each polygon

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in  your buffer tool box, set the Dissolve to "None" and each feature will have an individual bufferUntitled.png

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Hello Jorge Orellana

I'll explain what I want to do with the buffer

I have a POI Shaperfile 4500 with record

the problem is that there are points that were geocoded twice


I thought to make a buffer, with the option of "all" to generate a single polygon me those points that are in a perimeter of 25 meters

to bequeath to select areas with higher polygons

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