Correct Georeference of Shapefile?

11-25-2013 07:36 AM
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i hope this is the right Subforum for my problem:

I had a topographic thematic map as a tiff file, but without any spatial reference. So i referenced it with Erdas Imagine using Bing Maps as a reference. After that i vectorised some parts of the map by drawing it and save it as a shapefile. I used the Project Feature and Projekt Raster Tool (Data Management) in Arcmap 10.0 to transform the shapes as well as the rastermap in an UTM wgs 84 coordinate system. Now they overlap each other as how it should be, but when i load them into an Arcmap Project with other Datasets, they don`t overlap with those like they should. Instead, they have a shift of about 2000 km in north east direction.

How can that be? It must be something about the transformation of the projection, because the referenciation can´t be that bad. Has anyone an idea for a solution?

ps: sry for english mistakes.
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It is hard to say where the problem has arisen, as there are no details in your post
(and coordinate system problems are all about details).
Bing uses Mercator, does it not? A topographic map is likely in a Transverse Mercator: quite a different animal altogether.
It also likely uses coordinates on a (perhaps significantly) different datum.

There are just too many possible variables to begin to guess where things went awry....

I might suggest redoing the gereferenceing in ArcMap, and aligning the image to the other data you are using.
(you have confidance in the locational veracity of the other data, eh?)
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