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06-08-2011 11:30 AM
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I am having difficulty with a problem that does not seem too difficult! I am a fairly seasoned Arc user, but I do not have any experience with writing scripts. I have large datasets (500,000+ record)s from an image database. I need to create polygons from the corner points of those images. I have all the corners and center points in a table, but now I need to create an individual polygon for each set of coordinates. Does anyone have any ideas of how to approach this? I am using ArcGis 10 with a ArcInfo Workstation License.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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ESRI has posted a script that will do what you want.

Will a little work you can get this script up and running, your polygons created, and learn a lot about scripting in Python.
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Does the Feature Vertices to Points tool do the trick?

I've used this tool in the past to get corner points to use as registration tic marks.

(Sorry, I just realized I confused this post with another post that wanted the opposite -- given polygons, create points from corner)
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by Esri Regular Contributor
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If your corner points in the table have an ID field and x and y coordinate fields, stored in the right order, similar to this:
ID1 pt1_x pt1_y
ID1 pt2_x pt2_y
ID1 pt3_x pt3_y
ID1 pt4_x pt4_y
ID2 pt1_x pt1_y
ID2 pt2_x pt2_y
ID2 pt3_x pt3_y
ID2 pt4_x pt4_y
... ...

then you can try the following:
1. Run the Points To Line tool using the ID field as the Line Field and specify CLOSED option. This should give you closed lines, one for each ID.
2. Run the Feature To Polygon tool to convert the resulting lines into polygons. An alternative tool you can use to obtain polygons is Minimum Bounding Geometry, which gives you some charateristic measurements in the output as an option.

Hope that helps.

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