conditional spatial join

06-11-2012 12:13 PM
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Hi, I have a problem I'm unable to solve..

I have a featureclass which contains land parcels.
There are some information fields (ID, owner name..)

I need to find a way to export a new featureclass with some "conditions".
How could I export the land parcels sharing a spatial border AND having exactly the same owner name?
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Could you please upload a screenshot of your data?
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How about this (untested):
1. Create a layer of the parcel in question
2. Use SelectByLocation to create a second layer of the adjacent parcels (WITHIN A DISTANCE OF 0)
3. Join the first layer to the second using the owner's name as the join field
4. Select all the parcels where a join occurred
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Hi guys, sorry for the delay.

I can't upload a screenshot of my data because they are confidential.

But here are more details :

the FC contains 50 000 objects. (land parcels)
There are some fields like the "owner name 1" and the "owner name 2".

I need to find land parcels sharing a common border AND with the same "owner name 1" and "owner name 2".
See image for a good example of what I'm looking for.

But I don't have any details about some specific land parcels or owners.
I have to search through the whole FC...

BTW, sorry for my english. It's not my first language..!
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The Dissolve tool should help do this.  Make Owner1 and Owner2 the case fields.  Uncheck the Create Multi-Part Features option.  Any partially shared boundary will allow a merge.  Any Count/Frequency on the output that is greater than 1 will be an indicator that two or more parcels merged (although it is not definitive).  (Null values may cause a problem with the dissolve, so you may have to calculate Null Owners to a whitespace character to get correct results).

You could then run a Spatial Join with the Many to One option or your parcels against all Dissolve shapes with a Count/Frequency that is greater than 1.

Run a Summary Statistics on the Spatial Join output to find FIDs of Dissolved polygons that have more than one Parcel FID associated with it.  These are the set of parcels that meet your criteria.

You can use a relate from the Summary Statistics output to the Spatial Join output and then to your parcels to select the collapsed parcel set.  A join of these outputs to the parcels would allow you to create a merge symbology based on the shared Spatial Join FIDs.

Dissolve, Spatial Join and Summary Statistics are available for all licenses.
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