Compress File Geodatabase Crashes

06-13-2013 05:29 AM
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I extract some data to a file geodatabase (v9.3) from a SDE Geodatabase (Oracle 11g / 10.1).  The extract works fine.  I compress the geodatabase using either ArcCatalog or Python.  Either option crashes the software.  In Python it crashes with "Exit code: -336589910" and crashes python.exe.  It doesn't matter that the compress tool is in a try block.  In ArcCatalog the background geoprocessor process crashes. 

Has anyone else seen this behavior.  I am running ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 SP1.  The process is built on a previous one that worked fine with desktop 10.0 / File Geodatabase 9.3 / SDE Geodatabase (Oracle 11g / 9.3.1).
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I just did a quick search of logged issues for compress.
I only found one that talked about uncompressing a fgdb crashing with a specific dataset.
Since it sounds like you can consistently reproduce the issue, I'd suggest logging a support call and hopefully you can share your data. My guess is its something specific with your data and we'd need to get that to identify the exact problem.
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I am seeing this behavior as well. I have a very large file geodatabase, 20gb uncompressed. I received this fgdb compressed(3gb) so I know it can be compressed. I uncompressed it to add attribute indexes which was not working when it was compressed. After adding the indexes ArcCatalog crashes everytime I try to compress the gdb. Compact works fine but compress fails after about 15 seconds. I am on ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 on Win7 64 bit.
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