Combining Commands in ArcMap

01-25-2019 09:52 AM
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  I'm using ArcMap 10.6.1 and have a question about how to set up a single shortcut key that will combine 3 commands, with the last one having a static parameter in it?

  I'm using the Route Editing Commands and currently I have 3 shortcut keys I have to press in order to re-calculate a measure on a road segment.  The last command I have to actually enter in a value each time and would really like to simplify this process and also make it less of a chance I accidentally enter the last parameter in wrong.

Current Process (All commands are in the Route Editing Commands category)

Select the road segment I want to reclaculate

Press my 1st shortcut key for Drop Measures

Press my 2nd shortcut key for Set As Distance (this uses the default value given of 0.00000)

Press my 3rd shortcut key for Apply Factor where I have to actually enter in the value of 0.000189393.

Proposed Process

Combine all the 3 shortcut keys into one where the process will do the 1st shortcut key first, then do the 2nd one using default values and finally do the 3rd one using the value I stated above.

  Is there any way to do something like this as I believe Macros don't exist in ArcMap, or at least not the way I'm thinking.  I also don't know much about Model Builder (plus I feel like this doesn't really work for what I'm trying to do as the commands aren't actually in Toolbox) or scripting in Python enough to make a single command that combines the above process at all.  If I could, I could then import it as a file and then set a shortcut key to that.

  Any ideas?


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