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10-21-2011 06:51 AM
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The Clip... still
using the model builder I want to Clip several Features that result from the Network analyst (service Area), with a polygon of a district. Imagine I have an hospital or clinic per district and calculate the service area for each of this health facilities - The result is several service areas overlapping each other and "occupying" partially the neighbouring districts. Then each of this service areas should be cliped with the limits of the correspondent District. For that I have common field in the District (Name_code) and Service areas (facility_ID) to associate them. I was thinking that I could do that associating the fields. However I had some errors, so I tryed to do step by step the model builder, and I got to a moment that is giving an error that I don't understand (one of the attached jpgs) - this error is related to a test, it is clipping several features using the same feature class for all of them.
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