Citizen Problem Reporter email notification not working

01-15-2021 09:11 AM
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Good morning, 

We have everything working except our 3 emails that we want to be able to send. 

1.  Will notify the Manager to the information that the workorder needs to be reviewed. 

2.  Will notify the Client that the workorder has been completed. 

3.  Will notify the Client the the workorder is outside the jurisdiction of the current entity. 


MicrosoftTeams-image (3).png


The first two emails work. Notification for the Manager to Assign and for the Client that the submission was successful. When we try to add these 3 it doesn't send them.  We have tried one at a time, different parameters, and tried deleting the Json and reloading it. 



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Figured it out. for some reason the issue was that the Json wasn't updating properly and was calling from the wrong location. 

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