Check Geometry tool on a Versioned Feature Class

09-03-2021 12:39 PM
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Why is it not possible to use the Check Geometry geoprocessing tool on a Versioned Feature Class?

ERROR 001259: Operation not supported on a versioned table.

I suspect I have invalid geometry in my Versioned Feature Class.  Is there a way to check geometry besides exporting the data or unversioning the table?

If I have a separate geoprocessing script which reads from this Versioned Feature Class which contains invalid geometry then my script will fail.  Does that mean I should not write geoprocessing scripts against Versioned Feature classes because they may contain invalid geometry and my script could fail?

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@TimJohnston3 , just out of interest. Can the Repair Geometry tool run on a versioned FC? If so, maybe you just repair straight off the bat. Then have the option to reject the reparations if you didnt want them repairing?

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Ran into this same issues today; went to check geometry on all of our organizations SDE feature classes via python script and received the same error.  From what I'm seeing there is no way to directly run check geometry unless you unversion each feature class (which is cumbersome) or if you have a backup, say with a replica, run the tool against that.  I plan on going the latter route as we keep daily replicas of the entire database.

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Can you add this to Ideas?

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