Changing Field Positions in Field Map in ModelBuilder Tools

03-05-2015 10:36 AM
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On an old workstation (Windows XP with ArcMap 10.1), whenever I added a tool to a model which listed the field map where I could rename or map fields when outputting to a new feature class, I recall I was able to hit the up/down arrows to move the selected field up and down.  That way, I could control the field position of the output feature class.

However, on my new workstation (Windows 7 with ArcMap 10.1 with several 3rd party components installed), this function no longer appears to work.  I cannot move the fields around via the up/down arrows nor can I drag/drop the fields to the position I want.

This is a nit-picky thing, but I'd like to control the fields from left to right a certain way in my output feature classes.

See attached screenshot for an example.



EDIT:  Also added PatchFinder output for updates/patches which were applied to workstation.  FWIW.

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Hi Kael,

I always use ET geowizards, and ArcGIS add-in, to reorder fields. It has a lot of other cool functions as well, and many of them have unlimites use even in the free version: ArcGIS tools add-ons and extensions from ET SpatialTechniques

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The arrows only work for inputs. This has been clarified by Kevin Hibma​ in this thread:

reorder fields - arrows and exporting not working