Calibrate Routes tool in ArcGIS 10 behaves odd/does not work

07-18-2012 03:21 AM
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The summary of my problem: When I calibrate a route using the Calibrate Routes tool in the Linear Referencing Toolbox nothing seems to change relative to not calibrating the route at all.

The details: I have a route feature class, which was created based on two values of an M measure, and I need to calibrate it. To that end, I am using a point feature class made up of points which either intersect or lie very close to the route feature class, and each of which has its own value for M stored in a field in the attribute table (all values are intermediate between the one for the beginning of the route and the one for the end of the route). To put this into context, the route feature class represents the survey track of an underwater video camera (a video transect), and the M values are time values (in Unix time). The idea is to be able to accurately determine the position of video images based on the time they were collected. Note that I have also Z values! The total length of the transect is in the order of hundreds of meters, and the shortest separation distance between points is in the order of centimeters. Time is accurate to the second. However, when I test the supposedly calibrated route, events get located relative to the original two M values used to create the route, and not to the new ones!

Things I???ve ruled out: I have tried disabling the Z values in both files, as well as in geographic and projected units. No luck. I have also decided to snap all points to the line feature, just to not have to worry about the search radius when using the tool. I have also checked that the M resolution is smaller than the smallest segment in the route.

What am I doing wrong? (I'm using ArcGIS 10 with an ArcEditor license)

Many thanks!
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