calculate field on a joined table with non unique OID

01-08-2021 05:18 AM
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Hello community,


in the above picture I have joined a feature class with (agricultural) fields with a table with information on what type of soil layers are in those fields. the join worked great in that it gives x amount of layers based on the soil type per field.


The first OBJECTID* is from the fields class and the second OBJECTID is from the layer table, both are not unique but combined they could be made unique (see below).

now I have to do certain calculations on it but I think because the OBJECTID's aren't unique it just takes one of the values, here is the code I used in the calculate field tool:

 def Layerdepth(MEAN_GAG, Diepte_o, Diepte_b):
       if (Diepte_o <= MEAN_GAG):
           depth= Diepte_o-Diepte_b
           return depth
      elif (Diepte_o>=MEAN_GAG and Diepte_b<=MEAN_GAG):
           depth= MEAN_GAG-Diepte_b
           return depth
      elif (Diepte_b>=MEAN_GAG):
           return 0

I need to calculate the depth of each layer but now it just puts one depth at each layer as can be seen in the table above (depth='L).

because I think it is because the OBJECTID's aren't unique I tried creating unique OBJECTID's and then iterate over those. I used this expression for that:


but then I run into the same problem that it puts the same value at each layer for each field as seen in table above.

Is there anyway I can adjust the code so it does calculate for each layer or a way to make a unique OID for each layer in each field so I can iterate over that?



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here some more examples