Calculate Emergency Response Times (Duration in Minutes & Seconds)

02-08-2013 09:52 AM
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Happy Friday all,

I've done what I think is a fair amount of research trying to see if there is any solution to this problem. I have a spreadsheet with military dispatch and site arrival times; the fields have been formatted as Time (##:##:## Hour:Minute:Seconds). I derived some formulas to subtract the times (even those nearing and spanning across midnight) and would like to know if there is anything within the program (or any other means) that can enable me to display the duration in a feature class field in minutes and seconds.

I found some SQL or VBA functions that allow for the calculation and display as a single minute DateDiff ("n", [DISPATCH], [ONSITE]) but this rounds fairly large amounts of seconds and shows only a single integer. Also, the times spanning 24:00:00 hours return a weird -#### value and I'm stairing at 57K worth of instances! The resulting map should show the instance location and times under 00:09 minutes or over 00:09 minutes. Probably a dead horse but can someone help me out? Thanks in advance for any direction or assistance~

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