CAD Export gp tool on annotation -- setting justification (TXTJUST/VERTALIGN)

10-22-2013 04:14 PM
Occasional Contributor
I'm exporting annotation to DWG 2010 (using 10.0/10.1) with the GP Tools Add CAD Fields and Export to CAD. Everything is fine, I can set height / text etc. But I can't set the horizontal or vertical alignment. There are existing fields TXTJUST and VERTALIGN but setting them doesn't seem to have any impact in the resulting DWG. The Justify value is always "Top left" in AutoCAD for my text and the location is always the same. I have tried values like "Middle", "Left", "Right" etc.

Reading this link ( it mentions that these are readonly which would leave me up a creek in need of an FME paddle.


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