batch merging shape files and dbf files

03-14-2013 03:49 AM
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Hi all,

in the thread below, specifically message #13 Marcin provided me a very helpful Python code to merge shape files, which are nested in subfolders. The script has worked really nicely, but now I have an additional request if maybe someone can help with. I would need the script to ALSO merge dbf tables in the same way. So if the shape file name is identical -> merge. If the dbf file name is identical -> merge.

I would assume it is just a minor tweak to the code Marcin already produced, but can't be sure as I'm quite code illiterate I'm afraid 🙂

thanks for any help.


p.s. a bonus would be if anyone would know how I could implement this as a tool in models. I can bring it in as a script to arctoolbox, but how to set the parameters (input & output locations)?
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