batch clip with multiple clip features

12-30-2013 10:38 AM
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Hi all
I'm fairly new to this and was hoping I could get some help.  I have multiple shape files (607) that I need to clip with unique clip features (607 buffers).  I can add all shape files to the input feature field. I can set the environments to dump the outputs to desired locations. When I try to add all 607 unique clip features to the clip feature field, it shifts the entire input field down so that input and clip features don't line up.  I need to perform this operation with 6 different sized buffers and it would be real swell if I didn't have to manually drag and drop clip features one at a time over 3600 times.
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The batching facility in the toolbox requires each itteration to be set up individually.
That is indeed a bit of a bother for something on the scale you want.

Using an itterator in Model Builder,
or, itterating lists in an arcpy script is likley easier
than all the drag til you drop....
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Like Mark said, the easiest way would be to use the iterator in the model builder. I had the same issue a while ago. In the attached screenshot you see how I solved it. Drag your Buffers (merged) into the model builder, use the iterate Feature selection and don not specify anything in the iterator (it iterates through the lis by default). Then use the Clip tool and your Input classes and you should get a clipped file for every Buffer. Be sure to set the %% marks like I did in the Output.
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