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Bad Union

06-12-2013 10:14 AM
New Contributor
I combined four shapefiles into one with union.  All attribute columns and properties are the same amongst the four shapefiles.  When the union finished, the attribute tables joined horizontally instead of vertically.  (When you scroll down the attribute table there are long lines of (-1) negative ones and zeroes with the next attribute table appended below but tabbed over.)  I did this union process to 3 other shapefiles previously with no problems in my attribute table.  Is there another tool recommended to combine shapefiles?  Or does someone have input on what could cause this glitch?
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Bad union...  I thought maybe this was an anti-labor thread...

All seriousness aside, I suggest that you create an empty feature class of the same geometry type of the features you wish to combine.  Create the attribute table as you see fit.

Then use the simple data loader to add each of the feature classes into your 'master' feature class.

Others may suggest append or merge; that's cool but I really like the simple data loader the best.

Hope this helps-
That should just about do it....
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Sometimes the Union tool is confused with the Merge/Append tools...

Is your intention to just move all the data into a single featureclass (aka Merge/Append) or to actually overlay the geometry (aka Union)?
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