Automatically adjust line to polygon edge when within a set distance

09-14-2020 05:24 AM
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I have a line feature that is suppose to be coincident with the edge of a polygon feature.  At about 600 locations, the line is not coincident and I am looking for a automatic method to adjust the line, without modifying the polygon feature, if the line falls within a given distance, say 5 feet.  I have tried the Snap (Editing)—ArcMap | Documentation tool and the Integrate (Data Management)—ArcMap | Documentation tool. However, because of the large tolerance needed, results in the polygon being modified even when setting a large difference in the features rankings.  I also added the layers to a feature dateset with topology.  This did identify all the errors, however, I cannot fine a way to correct the issues except individually.

In the photo below, the red line should be coincident with the polygons edges.  Off by less than 1 ft at this location.

Line Error

Any suggestions.  Currently using ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1.  I know I have fixed this type of error previously but cannot recall how.

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Lance Cole‌ from the Integrate help, you ruled out the suggestions in the Topology link?

Topology basics—ArcMap | Documentation 

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