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Area Cross tab statistics

04-18-2016 11:42 AM
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I have a polygon feature with different names for each polygon

I have a habitat raster layer with a bunch of classifications (this is clipped to all the polygons above)

I want to run statistics on the Habitat layer where it falls inside the polygon layer, its already clipped so we're good there.

Result:  I am looking for the polygon feature name with the statistics of each habitat type and their sum in that polygon


Polygon            Trees        Water         developed

Polygon x            50             21                 55

Polygon z            152           66                 88

ANY IDEAS on how to do this?

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since you mention ... raster... you could convert your polygon layer to a raster and use Combine—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

which will give you the unique combinations of your classes between 2 or more rasters.  The cell counts will give you the areas of intersection of the input variables

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Hi Jay

I think the Tabulate Area tool under the Zonal Stats toolbox will do the



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Tabulate Area basically does the raster analysis that Dan describes.

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with the addition of being able to see it, so the choice depends on whether you need just the table or the map and the tabular results...the tables but combine ensures you have the same cell sizes if both the zone and other rasters have the same cell sizes etc.