arcpy.Copy_management(in, out, type) - seems simple enough... but over a network???

09-18-2014 10:08 AM
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Curious if anyone else has run up against any issues with the copy function when running in a script and copying datasets (fc/fgdb) existing on a network?

Oddly enough, the process completes successfully (data is fully copied ) however a 260 error mssg is produced consistently so the script cannot continue.

Found evidence of 'iffy-ness' of copy function over a network here.

Any thoughts/experiences/advice???

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Word back from ESRI tech support:

I've been working with Redlands on this issue.

They confirmed that this is a new bug.

[BUG-000082022 - When using copy in the data management toolbox and copying to a UNC path, the copy says it fails in the tools messages but the tool is actually successful.] At the moment, there's no workaround.