ARCGIS Polygone manipulation : Splitting if area>=5KM or merge if area<=0.5KM

02-06-2013 10:25 AM
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I'm just facing a wall. I don't know if even possible to complete the process with modeling. I may need to work with python script which I'm not used to it.


In this state, I got a buffer created from a polyline where I split it from a specific feature point. Each section has his own entity, so it's about 3000 different features. Right now, I got a good result but, where I need to do a little modification.

The logic is simple: Splitting the section if the area is >=l to 5KM or merge the section to the smallest adjacent one if the area is <= to 0.5KM. Modeling a splitting polygons by size is not simple as using a splitting feature by line.

I think there is 4 ways to do it:

- Doing an Iterate Row Selection which I applied an If (Area: >=5KM, <=0. 5KM) to select the proper process (Splitting - Merge) for the row.
- Doing different selection by attribute for each possibility, and applied the process by step.
- Try to do it in python with limited experience.
- Do it manually. 😞

The splitting and merge process still to design.

Do you ever experience something like this? Maybe you have an idea?
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